Julie Neff | Writer

A New York native, Julie is an enthusiastic writer and new addition to the Ratel SEO team. Her journalistic experience makes her an asset and her informative writing style makes ordinary topics into something extraordinary. As a part time freelancer and full time Technical Writer, Julie balances her career lifestyle with one full of adventure.

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Amanda Miller | Writer

Amanda Miller lives in New York and has her bachelors degree from SUNY Brockport in English. When she isn’t writing, she is busy being a homemaker, a mother and an artist. Spending time with family, especially in the Finger Lakes during the summer, is her favorite pastime. Most of all, she is thankful for God’s

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Randy Conrad | SEO Specialist

Greetings, Randy here. I am a Professional IT-Administrator-turned-eCommerce strategist, and I’m highly passionate about helping local businesses grow their presence online by creating business-changing SEO exposure & high value-content. Mission: As a Business & Marketing Branch Manager (Fort Wayne Division), I am responsible for implementing inbound marketing strategies that help our clients increase brand awareness,

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Importance of Social Media Marketing for Your Business Development

Modern businesses take place largely online. To be successful, not only do you need to create a webpage and consider e-commerce options for your business, but you also need to have a purposeful plan regarding your presence on social media as part of your business development strategy. Often this includes hiring an Indianapolis SEO to help you with

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