Randy Conrad | SEO Specialist

Greetings, Randy here. I am a Professional IT-Administrator-turned-eCommerce strategist, and I’m highly passionate about helping local businesses grow their presence online by creating business-changing SEO exposure & high value-content.


As a Business & Marketing Branch Manager (Fort Wayne Division), I am responsible for implementing inbound marketing strategies that help our clients increase brand awareness, generate leads, and bring more traffic to our client’s website and/or business. Our bottom line is providing proven measurable SEO strategies that lead to an increase in internet traffic to your website. We don’t provide traffic-increasing theories, we provide traffic-increasing quantifiable results. Innovation & systematic improvement is in our DNA.


I believe in extracting the sweet nectar out of life in every way, from work, to family, to spirituality. When I am not working, I am spending time with family and friends, but also as an artist, I am perpetually creating new things (traditional art, graphic design, crafts, etc).


Ivy Tech Technical College
Associates degree in Computer Science with a Microsoft Focus


CompTIA Hardware, Software, & Network Certified

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