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In today’s competitive legal space, having a law firm website isn’t enough to a successful legal practice. As we move our clients to the top of search engine results, we often see a number of beautifully designed websites on the third, fourth, and fifth pages of Google, Bing, or Yahoo. It then begs the question of, really what benefit is beautiful website design if no one can find your site? Are there SEO services for lawyers? When you hire Ratel SEO as your law firm SEO provider, you are d0ing more than hiring a traditional local SEO service provider. Our local SEO service for lawyers drives qualified traffic to your website and generates new cases for your law firm. When you are ready to speak with a local legal SEO specialist, call us at 317-762-2659.

Our Law Firm SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process by which we build your ranking the natural search engine results, is a comprehensive long-term strategy aimed at driving your website to the top of the search results for your keywords.

Through extensive competition analysis and detailed keyword research and thorough competition analysis, our website marketing solutions allow us to target the key phrases that will bring the most valuable traffic to your website. As a legal industry search engine optimization specialist, we continually make changes to your website to improve your “organic” rankings which should ultimately generate new cases for your law firm.

The Traditional Law Firm SEO Process

The broad-reaching majority of law covers HIGHLY practiced areas like local DUI attorneys, bankruptcy attorneys, divorce attorneys, or family lawyers. In these instances, the standard practice of writing a blog, while updating the site title tags, meta descriptions, and simple anchor text optimization which works with some degree of success in some industries, in this situation is unfortunately not enough to move the needle. Legal SEO takes more. SEO fundamentals are just the beginning.

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Experience with Local Law Firm SEO is a Difference

There are some SEO service providers without a wealth of successes in the local law firm SEO game mistakenly mislead many lawyers about the steps needed for search engine rankings that will translate into paying clients. Even worse, some law firm SEO companies claim to deliver organic search results but are actually buying Google ads (i.e. pay-per-click, ppc, etc).

Need a Local Law Firm SEO Expert?

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We are Where Technical SEO Meets Legal Digital Marketing

In technical SEO, we literally isolate the hundreds of ranking factors that have an impact on how well a law firm website performs on the Search Engine Results Pages. Efficient law firm SEO expounds the least amount of resources to get a maximum amount of traffic. While effective law firm digital marketing deals with how well we are able to help prospective clients hire you to represent their legal interests. Our measure of success is how well we are able to help our clients achieve both.

The Ratel SEO Local SEO Strategy for Legal Market Domination

Many lawyers target potential clients at a local level. Search engines are trending toward serving localized results. In our experience, the most important local law firm SEO involves:

  • Hyper-local link building.
  • Developing hyper-local content.
  • Local business listing management.
  • Legal SEO Directories

Local search engine optimization is incredibly powerful for attorneys. In recent algorithm updates, Google has given local pack results prominent positions in search engine results pages. Other search engines are also evolving to give higher visibility to local results. Top-rated local law firm SEO experts recognize the value of local SEO services that lead to clients.


What is the Importance of Content in SEO for Law Firms?

Content development should be focused on the question and answer pages. Contributions should be made on relevant legal Q&A sites. From a media perspective, doing SEO for lawyers targeting researchers should identify opportunities for interviews and publications on trusted legal, as well as, news sites. Link attracting and social sharing should focus on providing topical information for those who are seeking it.

Lawyers Fall Short in Digital Marketing. We Can Help Bridge that Gap.

Lawyers don’t often place a great deal of thought into digital marketing. The place that search engine optimization (SEO) has with digital marketing is often considered even less. A lack of attention to the role that digital marketing can play in the overall growth of the legal practice, reduces the chances of gaining additional clients. So with that thought process in mind, nearly every law firm should have clearly presented reasons as to why they need to hire a legal search engine optimization consulting company.

Digital Marketing Marries PR to the Internet

Whether you are a small law office, a sole practitioner, or a large, multi-state multiple practice firm, you need clients. There is a large majority of law practitioners who specialize in common legal issues such as:

  • Divorce
  • DUI defense
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Child support
  • Mediation and arbitration

It’s difficult enough to distinguish yourself from the vast majority of other legal practitioners. Like always, word of mouth and a solid reputation are important, but in today’s climate, where a large amount of your exposure is likely to come from targeting the millions of online searches conducted every day. We believe that when you utilize SEO services for lawyers, as the law firm’s principal, you can expand the audience of your law firm marketing campaign by ranking higher on Google Maps search result pages and convert searchers into clients.

Legal Industry SEO Routinely Uses Suggested Best Practices for Writing

Your website is essentially a sales representative that is at work, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The job of a salesperson is to effectively communicate the sales message to as many people as possible. Lawyers routinely write using “legalese”. Unfortunately, traditional legal jargon has the tendency to give an impression that you are unapproachable to potential clients. Legal style writing also is not “search engine friendly”. As an SEO company that works with law firms, we are experienced with writing at a reading level that falls in line with best practices suggested by the search engines.

SEO MARKETING FOR LAWYERSRunning a Legal Practice is Time Consuming. So is Legal SEO.

Search engine optimization for law firms is not a set it and forget-it occurrence. As an SEO firm that works with lawyers, we:

  • Help you create your firm’s website
  • Update the website frequently with keyword-optimized blog posts
  • Leverage social media marketing frequently to maintain your followers

All of these activities take time and energy that need to be devoted to digital marketing.

Like the Law. SEO Services for Lawyers is Constantly Changing

Search engine optimization is significantly more complex than just using keywords. There’s on and off-site optimization, link building, and other analytics to consider. Routine SEO audits and maintenance of the speed of the site are also important keys to success. Rather than try to train yourself in technical SEO terminology, the better option is to hire a search engine optimization company that works with lawyers who can monitor your site while you devote yourself to your caseload and running your practice.

Legal SEO Experts Can Help You to Convert Leads into Sales

As a legal professional, there is a commonly held belief, that a man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client. Will your law firm thrive without the assistance of expert local law firm search engine optimization? Maybe. In an industry driven by competition, however, local law firm SEO management is an important aspect of law firm marketing that is necessary to the health and success of your marketing program.

Indiana’s Top SEO for Lawyers

As Indiana’s top law firm SEO agency, our job is to help our clients grow their practice through leveraging our digital marketing skills coupled with their brand, creating SEO services for lawyers methodology that can consistently and quickly grow a practice. We are efficient. We are effective. We are Ratel SEO. Give us a call to discuss your law firm’s SEO strategy at 317-762-2659 or email today.

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