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Fort Wayne, Indiana is home of Indiana’s #1 Summer “Gotta-Do” Attraction, the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, and a place where we use Search Engine Optimization (SEO), help small businesses grow. At Ratel SEO our goal is to be a dependable resource and go-to for any local business wanting a professional Fort Wayne SEO Company to grow and succeed in the digital age. We are the best choice for professional search engine marketing and website optimization that actually produces measurable results in Fort Wayne. Our success is a direct byproduct of your results. Call us at 800-224-6824 or email

Since 2016, we have helped a number of companies achieve:ratel seo fort wayne seo

  • Page 1 rankings on Google for their targeted search terms
  • Increase traffic over 1700%
  • PHONE CALLS which means SALES

How Do We Achieve SEO Results in Fort Wayne?

Our methodology to performing Search Engine Optimization is a technical approach. As a technical SEO, we are constantly working to grow our knowledge and skill set in the SEO industry. We are consistently testing to understand what the search engines see as relevant ranking factors. In growing your Fort Wayne business presence online, we take a number of steps. From backlinks and citation building to On Page SEO, we get the job done.

“It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.”

What is Technical SEO?technical seo

Every site is in a constant state of adjustment. Why? Think of your website as a piece of equipment that works around the clock. As a business owner, your goal in digital marketing is to always ensure that your marketing equipment is working at the optimal level. Items like:

When we monitor your website and make adjustments from a technical perspective, we are able to make certain that your website works smoothly and runs without incident.

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SEO Health

When we approach SEO from a technical perspective, we make sure that “the insides of your site” is working well. We do that through maintaining:

  • Unique Headers
  • Metadata
  • Optimized OnPage Content
  • Images Optimization
  • Keyword Density Awareness
  • Custom H1s, H2s, and H3s.

Quality Link Building

Our goal is to build the authority of your site as quickly as possible through digital marketing. We build the authority and trust of your site with 100% White-Hat SEO link building that boosts the authority and trust of your website in the eyes of the various search engines. The search engines that we currently actively monitor are primarily:

  • Google
  • Google Images
  • YouTube
  • Yahoo
  • Bing

When we build authority using links that these various search engines deem as relevant, we are able to quickly compound results which grow your small business website authority quickly and will bring you buyer focused traffic.

Local Fort Wayne SEOGoogle My Business

Where is the first place you look when you are searching for a place to shop or to research a service provider? Statistics say that location-based searches are growing roughly more than 50% faster than searches conducted via mobile. When we approach internet marketing and technical SEO at a local perspective, we look to optimize a number of factors which include:

When we are successful in getting consistent and quality NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) citations, you have an increased presence on maps, which increases the likelihood of traffic coming to your site. If your business has a physical location and you want to grow, we can’t stress how important it is for potential customers for you to be found online. You need to be that first result when that customer pulls out their smartphone and performs a search.


Do I Really Need SEO?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. The goal of SEO is to place your site in the most strategic position of assisting the search engines, like Yahoo, Bing, and Google. In short, search engines are a discovery tool. This means that many of your website visitors are quite possibly discovering your website for the first time. As more and more people discover your website from search engines, traffic from other sources will increase as well.

How Do I Improve My Website’s Authority?

Search engines look at the other websites that link back to you as the strongest possible signal that your website is trustworthy. After that, the search engine, Google for example, looks at how many backlinks you have and how trustworthy these websites are.

The best way to improve your website’s authority is to get other authoritative websites in your industry to link to your site.

Should I Buy Backlinks?

Buying backlinks directly goes against Google’s policies and will destroy your search rankings if you get caught.

Focus on creating exceptional content and run link building campaigns focused on getting relevant bloggers to link to your content.

How Do I Improve My Website’s Relevancy?

A good start is by identifying the words and phrases that your customers are searching for the most online, and then, subsequently update your website content to better reflect those words and phrases. If you sell roasted coffee, make it easy for the search engines to understand that your website is about roasted coffee rather than pizza.

What Parts of SEO Should I Focus on First?

A good general rule of thumb is to look to grow your website’s domain authority, meaning, a great deal of your time should be spent getting more reputable websites to link to you

What is the ROI of SEO?

The ROI of SEO varies from industry to industry. The driving factor of the ROI of SEO would be a measure of how valuable would it be for your business to come up as the top recommendation to a prospective customer who is searching for you. Being the top result on Google is valuable. Just how valuable depends on you.

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