Is SEO Important for Small Business Marketing?

What is SEO? And how does it affect small business marketing?

SEO is an important option to consider, if done properly, in the right order, and by reputable providers. Think about how many  It can be an important source of traffic to your website. But (and this is a big but)… make sure you determine your return on your marketing dollars (ROI).

Is there a good ROI for Small Business SEO?

Compare the cost to acquire a customer vs. the actual gross profit you generate from that customer. No use feeling good about all the traffic coming to your website if you aren’t making a solid profit. A good business owner should approach an investment in a great website design with the same discernment as that new piece of equipment. Digital Marketing for the Plumber, Electrician or Heating and Air Conditioning provider is a wise investment indeed.
Here’s an example of how an investment in SEO could benefit a plumber in Brownsburg, Indiana:
Rachel is in the shower, out of the clear blue, the water goes ice cold. She screams out to her sweet, but well meaning husband John that the hot water heater has a serious problem. Rachel has faith in her husband, but she AND John cringe at the thought of replacing a hot water heater, let alone how much would a new hot water heater cost! The cost of a new hot water heater in Brownsburg can fluctuate widely. Where is the first place they look for information? They do a search on Google for “install a hot water heater” or “cheap plumber Brownsburg“.
Chances are, Rachel and John are going to use the best local plumber with the best rating closest to their home. And they are going to pick the provider that’s on the first two pages of Google or Bing. As a plumber in Brownsburg, that business should be yours. The home service and repair business is a lucrative market for skilled tradespeople, as long as you know how to promote your company.

What Type of Small Business Benefits from SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is good for any small business marketing strategy that uses the internet in anyway to find potential customers. We primarily focus our efforts to help the online marketing efforts for what would be considered the “traditional” small business. Roofers, Plumbers, Electricians, Power Washing Companies and surprisingly Direct Sales Consultants.

If you are the owner of a home services agency, you probably use companies like Home Advisor or Angies List for your marketing efforts, but those sites are a just one piece of a digital marketing strategy for a plumbing or electrician. It is without question that having a polished website design is important, that is sometimes the first opportunity a potential customer has when looking at your business.

We also help with overall web design for small mechanic and tow driving companies looking to build a great online reputation. Flyers, ads in the local paper or Yellow Pages, and telemarketing campaigns don’t provide good ROI. Most people are either online or on their mobile. Think about it. When was the last time you opened a map book to find the address of your service call? You either have a GPS or you looked it up on Google Maps.