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The goal of a Website Audit, is to identify errors, not fix them. Whenever possible, we work with your web developer, to discover any potential issues so we can develop a strategy to make needed and critical corrections. This does not include keyword research, competitive analysis and link profile analysis. Our audits focus solely on the technical performance and on site factors that affect your overall website performance. It doesn’t make sense to have a website if it can’t be discovered.

Findability Checks

Findability refers to how easily website information can be found by both search engines and website visitors. This section will cover how accessible your website’s content is to external bots and internal users.

What is indexation?

  • How many pages on your website are indexed by search engines.

Why does indexation matter?

  • We’re moving to an search algorithm that favors content rich websites. If you operate in a competitive space (i.e. legal) you standard 5 page website just won’t cut it anymore.
  • If you have a lot of content on your website, this will tell you if Google is aware of it.
  • A low indexation rate could point to a number of issues (lack of internal linking, render blocking code on your pages, low domain authority and more).

How can I check my site’s index rate?

  • By going to Google and typing in and seeing how many pages show up in Google’s index.
  • By checking your Google Search Console to see how many pages are indexed.

Architecture Checks

The structure of your website is incredibly important for search engines to properly rank it. This section covers the necessary checks to ensure it’s setup properly.

Check for Breadcrumbs

What are breadcrumbs?

  • A trail, or secondary navigation, clearly visible to website users to help them navigate your website.

Why do breadcrumbs matter?

  • Search engines crawl from page to page through links. Breadcrumbs enforce page hierarchy and navigation to search engines.
  • Breadcrumbs also help users to navigate content, particularly on eCommerce websites with a number of product categories and high page depth.
  • If you have a content heavy website, users can get lost deep in your site. Breadcrumbs help to easily find their place and continue browsing, without having to use the top level navigation to return.
  • This check is better for eCommerce sites, less important for smaller sites with low pages.

How can I check my site’s breadcrumbs?

  • If you have breadcrumbs enabled, you should see them appear underneath your navigation as you dive deep into your site.
  • Not every website needs breadcrumbs, but content heavy and eCommerce websites should always have the

Social Media Analysis

In today’s business environment, the importance of Social Media is incalculable. We make it a point to review your Social Media presence as part of your Website Audit. This section covers the technical checks to make sure you’re setup properly.

Google My Business Account?

What is Google My Business?

  • Formerly Google+ Pages, Google My Business is your online business center for everything Google.

Why does Google My Business matter?

  • Getting setup and verified as a Google Business is highly important for a local businesses. Without it, you can’t rank in local search results.
  • For larger businesses, it’s also a verified review platform and allows you to get setup in Google Maps.


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