Conversion Rate Optimization Indiana's Best SEO

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?


Conversion rate optimization seeks to increase the percentage of website visitors that take a specific action (often submitting a web form, making a purchase, signing up for a trial, etc.) by methodically testing alternate versions of a page or process. In doing so, businesses are able to generate more leads or sales without investing more money on website traffic, hence increasing their marketing return on investment and overall profitability.

How do we define “Conversion Rate”?

A conversion rate is defined as the percentage of visitors who complete a goal, as set by the site owner. Some test methods, such as split testing or A/B testing, enable one to monitor which headlines, copy, images, social media elements, and content help convert visitors into customers. All of those items help in creating a comprehensive SEO strategy.

There are several approaches to conversion optimization with two main schools of thought prevailing in the last few years. One school is more focused on testing to discover the best way to increase website, campaign, or landing page conversion rates. The other school is focused on the pretesting stage of the optimization process. In this second approach, the optimization company will invest a considerable amount of time understanding the audience and then creating a targeted message that appeals to that particular audience. Only then would it be willing to deploy testing mechanisms to increase conversion rates.

What Social Platform has the Best Conversion Rate?

According to an online article in September ’14 AdWeek YouTube videos are trending the highest conversion rates of all platforms. While running a YouTube ad campaign may not be the approach that is the most appealing to your business, a strategy that includes a YouTube channel is one that Ratel SEO will always recommend to increase the strength of your online presence.