Build YOUR SMALL Business Brand with Instagram

Instagram for your business brand?develop your business brand with instagram

Every business wants their product to look good. There’s no easier way to strengthen a business brand than by using the visual social media app, known as Instagram. Here are 9 actionable steps to both grow and strengthen the brand of your business using Instagram.

1) Connect with Instagram influencers:

Maintaining and growing followers for your Instagram can be time-consuming and is difficult especially if you are a smaller brand. Connecting with right influencers, will allow you to connect to a larger audience. Your business brand can then achieve access to quality content without spending time on creating a new one.

We’ve all seen the example of the new dish or special coffee bean purchase made by that Instagram guru that is followed by everyone. Connecting your brand with that Instagram guru could build trust and brand loyalty among your customer. That Instagram Influencer is normally perceived as one who has expertise in their niche. The right choice of influencer can provide the perfect amount of boost that your business brand needs to hit the next level.

2) Create quality content:

Instagram is your chance to take a million dollar photo, with your smartphone. A picture is worth a thousand words. With Instagram, you’re able to tell a story with quality content using anything from new product launch to customer feedback to office celebration to a funny quote/picture. A meme is worth a million words.

3) Contests:

When developing your brand, running contests on Instagram is a great way to increase followers, and build trust. You can run contests for your business by telling your followers to comment on your photo, tag their friends, share it or share their own experience about your brand with a hashtag.

4) Easy to use and post:

Instagram is in mobile only focused it is easy to post and share quality content instantly also unlike other platforms you can use up to 10 hashtags to get your content discovered and tag others for increase your engagement rate.

5) Storytelling:

Instagram is a great platform for visual storytelling which impacts much more than text. Instagram is where the story of your small business brand is shared directly with your followers. Every business wants another way to drive traffic to their website. Instagram is a great addition to any successful digital marketing strategy.

6) Hashtag:

Business branding with hashtags is important to reach a larger audience and bring more engagement with your followers . You can use up to 10 hashtags in Instagram, unlike other social networks. Also, you can use both generic hashtags that are related to your brand campaign or you can use existing hashtags that your industry is already using to reach to a larger audience, but make sure it is relevant to your followers and the campaign.

7) Building trust:

Instagram is a great platform to share your small business brand in an informal way. Choose a visual style that you want to post with relevant keywords. Also decide what type of content you want to post such as if you are in a restaurant business you can post about your daily menu or customer who is visiting your restaurant, if you are in a different industry you can post about valuable tips that audience can relate it to. By engaging your audience with the relevant content, you can build trust with your Instagram brand for your business.

8) Get more customer leads:

The success of a small business brand marketing strategy is measured on how many new customers are acquired. You can get more customer leads from Instagram marketing make sure you have a proper call to action by using hashtags, URL, image caption when you post on Instagram.

Have you done any Instagram marketing campaign for your business brand, we would love to hear from you. Connecting with Instagram influencers can not only get you more visibility and trust for your brand but also drive engagement and get more customer leads in a cost-effective way.