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While many marketing agencies employ a wide array of methods as part of their overall process. Our Indianapolis digital marketing agency is different. At Ratel SEO, we focus our efforts around THREE very specific efforts and methodologies that we have found to consistently work for our clients.


Search Engine Optimization

We provide high-quality and ethical “white hat SEO” solutions that focus exactly around your business requirements and expectations. Our SEO strategy includes:

  • Social Media Management
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Page Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Follow Up Reporting and Analysis

Though in some instances, search engine optimization may have immediate results, those are the outliers. A solid SEO strategy is a process, not a one-time project. There is no way for us or any other white hat SEO agency for that matter, to predict or guarantee any sort of placement on the ORGANIC search results of any search engine. We are the best at what we do, but it’s in our AND your best interest for us to set proper expectations upfront as an ethical Indiana SEO company.


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The advantages of SEO abound. Considering that Google places websites that supply the best web content to users, many methods and techniques that enhance SEO also make your internet site a much more efficient place for customers.

SEO Helps to Develop Brand Awareness

When you focus on Search Engine Optimization initiatives, you obtain even more site visitor traffic to your website. Therefore, your brand becomes more visible to more people, motivating them to buy your products.

SEO Enhances Customer Experience

According to Google’s announcement, the user experience of your website is a ranking factor that helps you place higher by search engines. They desire their individuals to find top-quality content, so they provide concern to websites that develop web content and website with this objective in mind.

SEO Helps Increase Sales with Incoming Leads

By the time they find you on a search engine, people have already searched for the product/service you offer. The ones who find you are the most likely to purchase, so your work to close a sale will be much less. Unlike outbound sales, which calls for calling, emailing, etc

SEO Makes Your Website Mobile-friendly

Google shared that you should concentrate on the individual experience of those that see your internet site with their mobile device. If the experience on a mobile phone is poor for visitors, they will certainly spend less time on your website and explore more material.

SEO Increases Internet Page Speed

The page speed of your website assists customers in seeing your content quicker. If the web page loads slowly, then an individual will most likely bounce from that web page without seeing the material. SEO makes you prioritize web page speed to ensure it’s faster.



PPC Management

PPC Management or Pay-per-click is also known as cost per click. PPC is an internet advertising model that is used to direct traffic to websites. With the PPC model, an advertiser pays a publisher when the ad is clicked. The primary goal of SEO is to bring in enough traffic that is just as valuable as any PPC campaign. At Ratel, even though some of our clients use the PPC or the Facebook Ads model, we are consistently able to bring in enough traffic to far outweigh any costs of any PPC campaign.

Content Marketing

A part of any SEO strategy that our Indianapolis digital marketing agency uses, content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience. We have content marketing and inbound marketing certifications from industry expert, Hubspot. We believe wholeheartedly in our ability to utilize content marketing to help you to increase your bottom line.

A Different Kind of Digital Marketing Agency

At Ratel SEO, we do things a little differently than any other firm. We are highly technical with our approach, yet understand in relaying our message to you. Let us be your partner as you build and execute your search strategy with our digital marketing agency in Indianapolis. Give us a call at 317-762-2659 today!


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