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How to Get Your Business Listed on Google Maps

As part of good business SEO strategy, you, the business owner need to make it a point to get your business added to the Google Maps. It’s just good local Google SEO, there are a few steps that you need to take in order to get your business in the 3 Pack area.

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What is a Link Silo?

A link silo is a cornerstone part of any SEO website architecture. Silo’s help with overall user experience and aid with how well link authority,

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The Social Media Management Process for Small Businesses

Social media management mastery can occur with the right amount of effort. You’d be surprised with how many companies in your industry haven’t taken the time to really create a cohesive social media strategy that is effective for your business. At Ratel SEO, we can help you craft the best strategy for your business.

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What is a White Hat SEO Agency?

When you’re looking for a SEO agency, some are called White Hat SEO agencies and others are called Black Hat. This is a guide as to what you should look for in a White Hat SEO agency. At Ratel SEO, we are a White Hat SEO agency. Give us a call at 317-762-2659 today!

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How to Create a YouTube Brand Channel

A part of any great social media marketing plan for small business definitely needs to include some bit of a YouTube strategy. If you’re interested in creating a YouTube Brand Account, but you aren’t quite sure how, this is a quick video that demonstrates how!

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Lawyers Beware of Bad SEO

Lawyers Beware of Bad SEO As we do SEO for our  clients in the legal industry, at times we notice some SEO practices that could

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5 SEO Tips for Lawyers

At Ratel SEO, we have a number of clients that are lawyers. There are a few items that we’ve noticed are consistently underutilized or flat out missed when we are conducting SEO for lawyers.

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