How to Get Your Business Listed on Google Maps

As part of good business SEO strategy, you, the business owner need to make it a point to get your business added to the Google Maps. It’s just good local Google SEO, there are a few steps that you need to take in order to get your business in the 3 Pack area.

What is a Link Silo?

A link silo is a cornerstone part of any SEO website architecture. Silo’s help with overall user experience and aid with how well link authority, or “link juice” is passed around and throughout a website. This article from Search Engine Land titled, Everything Should Not Be A Blog Post: Start Using Silos, really covers website …

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What is a White Hat SEO Agency?

When you’re looking for a SEO agency, some are called White Hat SEO agencies and others are called Black Hat. This is a guide as to what you should look for in a White Hat SEO agency. At Ratel SEO, we are a White Hat SEO agency. Give us a call at 317-762-2659 today!

How to Create a YouTube Brand Channel

A part of any great social media marketing plan for small business definitely needs to include some bit of a YouTube strategy. If you’re interested in creating a YouTube Brand Account, but you aren’t quite sure how, this is a quick video that demonstrates how!