5 Critical Law Firm Marketing Techniques

Marketing is a beneficial activity for a law firm since it can help in cutting costs and resources. It may not be easy for a law firm to rely on attorneys to be the sole source of marketing on behalf of your organization. You might want to take charge of the marketing and firm promotion efforts since the individual brand is critical in a law firm. When you plan to market your firm, you may also want to keep the costs minimum. Start with Ratel SEO! Here are five critical law firm marketing techniques to achieve success!

Have an Updated Website with Good SEO

Most potential clients first visit online platforms to search for companies that solve their problems. The same applies to law firms where people are likely to search online for a law firm that can meet their needs. In this regard, it is vital to have a functional, working website that people can easily navigate. People should effortlessly navigate the website and find firm contacts with little effort. It is essential to make sure that the website represents the kind of case you represent. It is vital to ensure that all the listed services on the website are available to the clients once they approach the company. Hiring an expert law firm SEO services company goes a long way in truly preparing your website.

Most of the law firms have about 70% of their clients online. Therefore, to ensure that you tap into this large population, you will need a well-structured website to access the information they need. You do not want your new website visitors to spend minutes searching for the company contact or the chat heads. Having found what they want quickly on the following website, such potential customers are more likely to move to the following website in the future.

In addition to having an updated website, you should also make it mobile-friendly. Occasionally, some websites can be difficult to use on a mobile device. It is common to use a cell phone to search different websites. Therefore, if your website is not mobile-ready, you risk losing over 50% of potential customers. As you put effort into making your website mobile-ready, you may want to focus on the search engine operations and make them easy to navigate.

social media

Actively Use Social Media For The Law Firm

You may think that social media is for entertainment and business activities related to lifestyle, such as selling swimwear. You will be surprised how many high-end businesses are using social media for advertisement purposes. Law firms are not an exception. Many businesses gain almost half of their customers through social media. By having proper social media engagement, you are getting a good number of clients. Most people often visit social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to review companies and recommendations. People want to be sure that they want to engage in their lawsuits, are competent, and have good reviews.

To pass, you should ensure that you have good social engagement on the various social media platforms. Therefore, you need to note potential customers from your social media platforms and engage them. Do not be quick to dismiss people’s comments or inquiries on your social media platforms. Always take time to reply to those who show interest in your services. To have a good social engagement, you should consider making regular posts related to your services but not very precisely. For instance, you do not need to include law jargon in your articles; otherwise, people may not relate to you.

lawyer video marketing

Lawyer Video Marketing

Lawyer video marketing is one of the fastest-growing marketing techniques. The video marketing strategy is likely to be widely implemented in 2021, and you do not want your firm to be the odd one. Video content increases web traffic by 41%. Most people prefer video content since; they are easy to understand and are less time-consuming. In one video, a personal injury attorney can explain in three minutes something that would take 20 minutes or more to read in an article.

Besides, video marketing is useful since the visuals remain in the viewer’s mind for a more extended period than reading the article. Since you want the viewers to have a long-term image of your ads, you should try lawyer video marketing. Remember to make sure that the video content is clear, precise, and easy to understand.

lawyer blog

Lawyer Blogging

Lawyer blogging is an excellent strategy to rig people to your site. Blogs help with SEO and increase brand awareness among your target customers. Blogs help, including search engines and directive links, which lead the reader to your website. Therefore, if you have useful blogs, remember to include a search engine directing your readers to the main website.

Connect in Person

Make face-to-face connections with your potential customer. No one can explain your company better than you can or the true spirit of the practice. Connections are essential to growing your firm. If you are not available for face-to-face connections, put effort into replying to emails and calling back your clients. You also have your best employees representing the firm in different forums and make sure you are on the same page with them. Clients prefer to connect with the firm owner or the head to be confident in the firm’s services; therefore, they will do so if asked.

Need Help Implementing Law Firm Marketing Techniques

Are you ready to take your law firm marketing techniques to the next level? Contact the expert attorney SEO services providers at Ratel SEO to turbocharge your marketing efforts to the next level. Call us at 800-224-6824 or email us at info@ratelseo.com. We are here and ready to implement simple, actionable, efficient, and effective marketing techniques to increase your traffic and to get your phone ringing today!

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