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Zionsville Small Businesses Need SEO

Business is extremely competitive. In the world of today any and every smart business are looking for a competitive edge to help increase the bottom line. That’s where we come into play. Digital Marketing is how small businesses are able to gain exposure. They need to be found. Often easiest on Google, Bing or Yahoo. That’s where we, Ratel, enter into the picture. We pronounce our name as “Rah-Tell“. Ratel is an indigenous name for the “Meanest Animal in the world“. The Honey Badger.

Local SEO

We realize that a local firm should know how important it is for the small plumbing, electrician, roofing or insurance agency to increase their Google ranking. Because we aspire to be the best Web Design firm in the area, we know how good design affects ranking. We manage the small businesses Facebook Business Page, their Twitter profile, however social media marketing management is important now more than ever!

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Bad Social Media Reviews Can Kill a Business

Even if, a small business owner never took the time to own their profile, it doesn’t mean a profile won’t be created. A one-star review on Google can kill a sale for that business. Owning a small business is difficult enough! Adding another area, like social media, can almost guarantee failure. As more consumers turn to smartphones to find local businesses, Facebook has become the new yellow pages and word-of-mouth rolled into one.

What about blogging or citations?

Blogging is an important aspect to a great content marketing strategy. Though, like any other part of a great Digital Marketing strategy, it is very important. There are millions of searches done on Google on a daily basis. A great blogging AND content marketing plan, is almost like a fisherman’s net. It may take a 60 to 90 days to really gain traction and when executed well, our proven track record demonstrates that we increase search engine rankings with lightening speed. (It’s the Honeybadger in us. We rank where we want… And we do it fast.)

What is a citation and how does it help?

Surprisingly, prospective customers don’t rely only on the Search Engines to find your business. Sometimes, those thousands of local directories exist on the web are used by search engines to help give a customer a way to find your business. Ideally, a small business owner wants the local search result to result in more business. With our local citation service, we will get your business listed on as many of those local directories as possible.


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Local directory citations are essential for Electrical, Plumbing, or pretty much any other home services businesses, we’ve discovered that most of those businesses don’t have a well structured, useful website design. When you learn that Ratel SEO is the BEST SEO for YOUR INDIANA SMALL BUSINESS, you’ll feel that much more assured that you’re further ahead of your competition. We have excellent affordable web design services for small businesses. The way we’ve been able to help pastors better connect with church members is enough to make us proud.

Without information, the search engines rely heavily on whatever information they can find. Part of any comprehensive digital marketing strategy is checking where your competition is listed, and where they aren’t. We want your small business to rank at the top of the search engine results, when and where you want, you’d better believe that local digital and internet marketing, with name, address and phone number (NAP) consistency in that arena is a must.

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The Best Search Engine Optimization Firm

We’re serious about our name.

We chose the Honeybadger or the Ratel because of its tenacity. The Ratel is known as the most fearless animal in Africa. He’s the little guy, but it doesn’t matter. What he lacks in size, he makes up for with intelligence and never stops learning. We are the same way, the world of Digital Marketing never ceases to change.

We have certifications from the following Digital Marketing Industry Leaders:

  • Hubspot
  • DMHQ
  • Twitter Flight School
  • Google Digital Marketing
  • Bing Ads
  • Facebook Ads

Your Zionsville SEO. Ratel SEO.

When it comes to small business digital marketing , social media marketing, and local Zionsville SEO , you need a company that is tenacious in helping you achieve your digital marketing results. We help our clients pick the BEST keywords for their businesses, rank their websites on the first pages of the search engines and dominate the social media world when, where and how they want. Why? Because we want to.