What is a White Hat SEO Agency?

What is White Hat SEO?

The term “White Hat SEO” refers to the usage of available optimization strategies, techniques and tactics to enhance the user or searcher experience that completely follow search engine rules, practices and policies. Some common White Hat SEO techniques include:

  • Creating Useful Content which is beneficial to the searcher or end user
  • Mobile friendly and responsive website design
  • Legitimate customer reviews
  • Links acquired through guest blogging
  • Social signals from legitimate organic sharing of content
  • Citation building

What is Black Hat SEO?

There’s always a Yin to the Yang. So of course, if you have White Hat SEO, there probably is such a thing as Black Hat SEO. Black Hat SEO uses techniques that are outside of general search engine rules and guidelines. Some common Black Hat SEO techniques include:

  • Comment spamning
  • Collecting fake reviews
  • Paying for backlinks
  • Using invisible text on web pages
  • Creating doorway Pages
  • Social network spamming

The real difference between Black and White Hat SEO has to do with what methods are used to execute and applied when trying to improve a website’s search engine position.

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What is a White Hat SEO agency?

There are several different types of white hat search engine optimization techniques. In, your search to find the best SEO company for your small business there are a few questions that you need to ask the company before you hire them to run your marketing campaigns. Here are a number of potential White Hat SEO strategies that your SEO agency should employ.

They should speak about claiming your business listing.

In a previous post, we spoke about the importance of citations. Citations are citations are all of the mentions of your business name and address on other web pages, even if there is no link to your website. (We like to get the link back to your website.) However, if a link is not available, a citation is the next best thing. We cannot emphasize enough how crucial it is to have your business listings correctly, accurately and consistently on as many RELEVANT listings there are to your business. Your potential SEO agency should definitely stress the importance of proper citation listings for your business.

stats show that more people search the web using their phones as opposed to using a computer mobile usability is important in white hat seo
Source: StatCounter

They should speak about mobile usability of your website.

In a 2015 report, the U.N. gave a statistic that stated that in the estimated 7 billion people in the world, close to 6 billion have access to cell phones. That statistic tells us that quite possibly more people have cell phones than access to toilets. How does that pertain to you?

People around the world are using smartphones.
Source: Shutterstock

Data received from the company StatCounter, let us know that more than 51.3% of internet searches occur via a smartphone, with a trend to keep growing. Think about that time i out with friends and family, and the question pops up about the closest restaurant to you. There’s a good

keyword research is important in white hat seo

They should speak about the importance of keyword research

Keyword research is everything in SEO. It’s actually the belief by most if not all agencies that without keywords, there’s no such thing as Search Engine Optimization. It’s nearly impossible to determine what words need to be targeted to drive the most traffic to your business. Any white hat SEO agency should be able to talk about what strategy they use in determining what keywords would be the most profitable for your company’s search engine optimization campaign.

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They should speak about the importance of link building.

Link building and internet marketing should ideally cater more to visitors rather search engines and is an effective yet highly efficient way to upgrade the popularity of the website. Though links are very useful for ranking. Link building is considered as a form of relevant and transparent communication between a website owner and their clients. The links should provide useful information regarding the products and services of clients. A good link is usually if not always created through original creativity coupled with hard work and labor. Today, proper link building is a vital aspect of the user experience on the web. And that brings us to the next area of importance.

user experience or ux is a ranking factor and should be used in white hat seo
Source: Medium.com

They should speak about the importance of user experience, also known as UX.

User experience (UX) refers to the quality of the user’s interaction with and perceptions of a system. When designing a website, put yourself in the user’s shoes. What doesn’t work well for you , or is something that you find ineffective the usage of your website is something users will likely find ineffective themselves. Search engines, most importantly, Google, uses the overall UX of your website as a ranking factor. Pages or sites with very little content that detract from user experience more often than not receive a lower search ranking.

Because User Experience is such an important search engine optimization ranking factor, the white hat SEO agency that you choose to hire should definitely discuss the UX of your website.

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