What is an Anchor Text? | Indianapolis SEO

Figuring out what an anchor text actually is and how it works, can be a bit of a concept to grasp. I know it took me a while. (Don’t laugh.) But it actually did. There didn’t seem to be any real explanation or demonstration of what “anchor text” was and what did it mean to the uninitiated, a/k/a novice, a/k/a SEO noob.

Anchor Text Helps to Give a Signal to Search Engines

Have you ever been reading an article and you may see something like this: For more information about SEO in Indianapolis, go here. Well that hyperlink is called an anchor text. Anchor text can also be seen as a keyword that another site would be recognized for. Another example would be if we were discussing a product or a service that a plumber would be known for, like hot water heater repair Indianapolis. That link to the words “hot water heater repair Indianapolis” is now a long tail keyword that this plumbers web page would be known to represent. We’ve literally created a new keyword for this website owner by solely using anchor text. Make sense?

Anchor Text Can Be Done Within Your Own Website

Linking to an anchor text can and should be done within your own website. Completing that action, linking back or creating anchor text withing a site is part of creating what’s called a silo. A silo is another term used in SEO. An example of a link silos is in a Google Sheet we created that will help you to create your own link silo utilizing a great anchor text strategy for your website.

Below is a video of how to create an anchor text within a website. Hopefully, it is clear and explanatory enough to help you navigate the “complicated world of anchor texts”!  Just kidding. Enjoy.