Target Locations with Digital Marketing

In the days of print marketing, you could target a particular location by distributing flyers or erecting billboards in the area, or by sending direct mail advertisements to businesses and residents of specific neighborhoods. Although the techniques are different today, the ability to target locations with digital marketing is even easier with Indianapolis digital marketing agency, Ratel SEO.

Digital Marketing Can Help Target Locations

Digital marketing comes in many forms, including online advertising, SEO, email marketing and YouTube video and advertising.

Facebook Ads

Facebook lets you target customers by a wide variety of criteria, including their age, interests, and location. Depending on your needs, you can target a country, region, or city, and reach everybody in the area, only people who live in the area, or people who’ve recently checked into a location. This gives you a great deal of power and marketing reach. A great company that is awesome at doing this is New York SEO, Jimmy Huh. That’s a firm that gets the job done.

Google Ads®Target Locations with Digital Marketing

Google Ads is an online advertising platform developed by Google. With Google Ads, advertisers pay to display:

  • Brief advertisements
  • Service offerings
  • Product listings
  • Video content

With Google Ads, you can target locations as broad as a country or as narrow as a radius around a particular point in a city. You can select up countries, cities, or  ZIP codes. Take note that the smaller the radius you choose, the more effective the targeting will be when your ads are displayed.


By Using cell phone signals, marketers can create a mobile “geofence” encircling an area like a shopping mall, a retail store, or a sports stadium. They can then send text messages to SMS subscribers within the geofence, alerting potential customers to sales and daily specials or providing a digital coupon for use at a nearby location.

Use Digital Marketing to Target Your Brand

Digital marketing lets you harness the power of the Internet, social media, and cell phone messaging to promote your brand. When you’re ready to use digital marketing to drive your marketing efforts, give us a call at 800-224-6824 today.