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How to Delete Fake Twitter Followers

If you’re a Twitter user, you’ve probably noticed a ton of bots, or fake followers as they are commonly known. As an Indiana social media management company, we often run across fake Twitter accounts that work to dilute a company brand. So, with that in mind, here’s how to delete fake Twitter followers.

What is Twitter?

Assuming that you’ve been under a rock for the past 5 years or so, you’re probably wondering what is this thing called “Twitter”.

Twitter is a social networking and online media news site where communication with another person is done in short messages called “tweets”. Tweeting is when you post a series of short messages for anyone who follows you on Twitter. The real goal of Twitter is that you hope that your messages are interesting and useful to someone in your audience which will allow you to gain social influence. When you’re creating a brand, influence is everything. Because it is so important in helping to build your brand, having good analytics is important. Good analytics help you understand how you should direct your brand.

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What Are Fake Twitter Followers?

Nowadays, most anyone can buy popularity on social networks. Buying followers or paying for any type of interaction is against Twitter’s terms of service and may result in suspension.

You should be able to spot fake followers fairly easy. How? Most fake Twitter followers advertise spammy links or go crazy with the number of hashtags used. Fake Twitter followers include:

  • Ghost followers
  • Bots
  • Spammers

Why Should You Delete Fake Followers?

Fake followers screw around with your analytics. The purpose of the microblogging platform is to increase your overall social influence through “Tweeting”. When you are followed by fake or inactive accounts, it reduces the overall value of your following.

Most Twitter users are fairly active and are really concerned with their engagement statistics. False analytics from fake followers, with no activity, shows that while your overall number is large, the actions of the accounts you influence will hinder your future growth.

Buying fake followers is a huge mistake. You may not realize that it’s bad at the time, but when people are checking out the strength of your reach and your brand, they’ll be able to see how many followers are not authentic. This will be incredibly damaging for your brand.


The fake Twitter follower epidemic at one point got so bad, that in July of 2018, the social media platform suspended/deleted more than 70 million fake Twitter profiles! Generally fake Twitter followers are for:

  • Cyberbullying
  • Trollingtrolls use fake twitter accounts
  • Control political rhetoric
  • Take advantage of influencer advertisers (Influencer advertisers pay for an influencers’ “endorsement” of their products and services.)

Instead of having a large number of fake or inactive followers, it’s in your best interest to spend your focus on growing your following by attracting and retaining real Twitter users.

Even worse, there are times when a competitor may buy fake followers, which could dilute your brand, affecting the trust of your real followers, and can affect your brand’s presence on the social media platform.

Famous Twitter Users With Fake Followers

The phenomenon of fake Twitter followers is not something that affects celebrities as well. Some celebrities that have tons of fake Twitter followers are famous folks like:

  • Donald Trump, President of the United States
  • Barack Obama, Former President of the United States
  • Mark Cuban, Entrepreneur, investor, and owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team
  • Bill Gates, Entrepreneur, investor, and founder of software giant Microsoft

Deleting Fake Twitter Followers

No on how to delete fake followers on Twitter.

  • Find the fake account that you want to remove.
  • Now open their full profile in a new browser tab, because you’ll need to have access to the fake profile
  • Go back to your original tab with your follower list click on the user drop-down button and select Block @username.
  • Now they’re gone as a follower
  • Next, go back to the other tab opened in the profile, then refresh the screen.
  • Click unblock and the user will no longer be blocked by you.
  • Go back to your followers and refresh, you’ll see they’re still not there.

Delete Your Fake Twitter Followers

As you can see, learning how to delete fake Twitter followers is fairly easy. While the initial disappointment may pull you down when you’ve found out find out how many bots or spam accounts are actually following your account, or you may be following, getting rid of them will help you build up a more engaging profile in the long run.

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How to Block Fake Twitter Followers

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How to block

After You Delete Fake Twitter Followers

After you have successfully deleted all of the fake Twitter followers from your profile, it might be time to hire an Indiana web marketing company to take over your social media campaign with our social media management service. Call us at 317-762-2659 or