COVID-19 Digital Marketing Scholars Program

As one of our goals of being a top tier digital marketing agency, we have crafted a learning program for a cohort of high school seniors every Spring semester from Pike High School in Indianapolis, with the goal of creating a new crop of digital marketers. Here are the specifics of our COVID-19 Digital Marketing Scholars Program:= we w

Out of interest of the new economic environment presented by COVID-19. We are assembling a group of 15 high school seniors to complete in the Spring semester of 2021, to get a certificate from digital marketing Indianapolis agency, Ratel. We believe that through training our youth in the new eCommerce marketplace, we will give Generation Z a chance at achieving financial security using the internet. The funds raised will go to purchase the classes at a reduced rate by an Indianapolis digital marketing agency, that is skilled in SEO. The cohort will learn the following skills: